Thinscape® Performance Decorative 1/2" Slab Tops


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THINSCAPE® Performance Tops revolutionize the countertop. An engineered composite that provides impact, scratch, and moisture resistance, offering next-level durability and performance. Modern. Ultra-thin and sleek.

 Introducing a commercial surface material unlike you ever have seen before. THINSCAPE® Performance Tops are the ultimate surfacing solution, with a one-of-a-kind combination of high-end design, unmatched durability, simple maintenance, and competitive installed cost.

 The sleek ½” profile of THINSCAPE offers high-end aesthetics with the practical benefits of easy cleanability and resistance to stains, scratches, and impact—all with no sealing required. It's suited for a wide range of commercial spaces: hospitality, retail, offices, senior living and more. 

Black Amani: This Black marble design has thin, subtle veins that provide depth and variation throughout the design. This design has a Luster finish. Luster has a semi-gloss sheen and a smooth surface.

Calcutta Blanc: A classic, large scale Italian marble. The grey and taupe vein structure are large scale and angular and comprise the signature feature of this marble. This design has a Luster finish.

Distressed Pine: Distressed Pine is a wood design with various sized planks and is a cool color with elements of warm honey, sophisticated greys, and taupes. This design has a Wire Brush finish. Wire brushing creates a linear texture with both matte and gloss sheens. 

Soapstone Mist: A large scale, smooth veined grey soapstone abounding in rich detail and natural features. This design has a Luster finish. Luster has a semi-gloss sheen and a smooth surface. 

Thickness: 1/2" 


 How to attach your base to Thinscape table top:

  1. Flip the table top to reveal the already prepared and attached 1/2" of wood base board.
  2. Place the spider of your base and center it on the wood base board. Please sure make the base is fully centered to the table top too.
  3. Use the provided screws to screw-in the base to the table top

*The estimated production time frame is subject to change without prior notice.