How Club Furniture Layout Affects Customer Spending

Whether you are just opening or remodeling your establishment, the top question on your mind should be, “How do I capitalize on my investment?”

Well, it starts with your food and drink offerings, marketing efforts, variable costs, and word of mouth. But a majorly overlooked aspect is the interior and ambiance of the establishment itself.

For instance, your choice in lighting, music, and furniture can mean the difference between customers visiting once or telling their friends about their great experience and returning with more customers. Which would you rather?

In this post, we’re specifically going over how club furniture affects customer spending. Let’s jump straight into it.

Color Schemes for Club Furniture

How do you want people to feel at your establishment? This should be the first question on your mind when deciding the color of the furniture you’ll be purchasing. 


In general, bright colors such as yellows and reds tend to be used in quick turnaround establishments—order, drink, eat, pay the bill, and then the next customer takes their place.

If you’re going for a more intimate feel, you’d be wise to choose darker colors for your club furniture. Dark blues, blacks, and burgundies will make the room feel smaller and cozier for your customers—also more romantic.

Comfort Level for Club Seating

Do you want to improve the customer experience and make them stay around longer? Do you want them to order more drinks and bottles? A simple way to achieve this is to make your club seating more comfortable. After all, bottle service is highly profitable in nightclubs and bars.

Quality lounge seating and location is a strategy that needs to be planned and thought over. If you want your customers to stay longer, seat them in lounge chairs on the perimeter of your establishment. Customers tend to stay for a shorter period of time when they are placed in the middle of a room. So for a quick turnaround, this arrangement would be ideal.

As far as how much seating you need, ensure that you can sit enough people to make a profit. However, don’t make your space too cramped, otherwise, customers will be uncomfortable and leave.

Your Ideal Needs & Requirements

Every establishments’ needs and requirements will change based on its goals. Even if you have a smaller space, you can still create an ambiance that is inviting, comfortable, and creates a healthy profit. By choosing the right design elements and furniture, you can positively affect customer spending.

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