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Who We Are - The Honest Truth

Modern Line Furniture has opened its doors in March, 1999. Our initial endeavor was to compete with the existing furniture market, which after a few years we've realized, honestly, the market is saturated with inferior imported furniture. We have totally revitalized our business model and have created Made in USA factory in New Jersey to manufacture truly beautiful, durable and space efficient furniture. Our experience, hard work and dedication to our clients have made Modern Line Furniture a vital supplying integral to the restaurant and hospitality industries. We are proud to have a dynamic product line, which continues to expand and provide the best in value, quality, functionality and innovation. A combination of dedicated customer service, beautiful commercial-grade furniture and fast nationwide shipping will continue to set us apart from our competitors.



Our Services - The Solutions We Offer

Products - Modern Line Furniture® specializes in creating modular environment and custom made furniture for any commercial setting. Our indoor and outdoor furniture is designed to perform, impress and provide efficiency while maintaining our client's specific requirements, choices and needs. Modern Line Furniture’s products are manufactured for public high-traffic spaces such as restaurants, hospitality, contract, health care and education environments.

Services - A great service begins with knowledgeable personal care. Modern Line Furniture’s design and production teams will personally take your project from its early stages of AutoCAD drawing to meticulous production, completion and delivery. Our experienced staff will work diligently  to achieve your satisfaction.

Our Quick Ship Solutions - primary objective of Modern Line Furniture® to meet and exceed your expectations. We have the resources and options to provide our clients with complete interior solutions which provides a quickly deployable ready package. We offer fast and reliable delivery to any destination in the United States or abroad. Our NJ 85,000 sq foot warehouse is home to our entire inventory which is constantly replenished. So, yes, we have it in stock!

Our Custom Furniture Solutions - will take you from concept & development, fabrication & production to project completion.  We will work with you to meet any deadlines.  


Our Manufacturing - How It's Made

Meticulous craftsmanship of Modern Line Furniture® is celebrated in every single product we produce. A product that will serve you for many years with durability, efficiency and beauty. Our craftsmen specialize in working with wood, metal, vinyl, leather, fabric, laminates, wicker and customer’s own materials.  We can create anything to your specs. See our Factory’s Instagram feed.



Our History - How It All Got Started And Why

In the early 1990's, in Brooklyn, New York, the thoughts of contemporary furniture in a home or a business wasn't appealing, in fact the response was the same, it's too cold, too unattractive and too futuristic. We had a different vision - a vision where modern furniture is not only super stylish, inviting and efficient, but it is the most functional design, ever! We began to experiment! The fresh colors. The engineering. The design of something so unique and useful that will forever change the old fashioned living rooms, events and business venues. The idea of creating functional modular furniture was born. But first, we needed to move - to a bigger, brighter and more efficient space. The move to New Jersey has brought us closer to the nationwide shipping  routes. We've created a huge showroom along with large warehouses to provide the in-stock and fast shipping guarantees. It was the beginning of something beautiful!

Our drive to create the future of furnishing was truly sparked with the Internet boom. It was new. It was unknown, but we surely wanted a piece of it!  It was a celebrated path to show and sell our creations - virtually! It was the answer we're all looking for and very much excited for! In the early 2000s,  the glorious virtual sharing of beautiful furniture was finally a reality. It began with a website called; This is where the ideas of 
providing modern furniture at factory-direct-pricing-straight-to-our-clients was established. We were determined to provide uniqueness and efficiency, after all, everyone deserves hassle-free B2B opportunities.

2007 was  the year that truly had embraced our goals to create the exclusive modular furniture brand - 
Modern Line Furniture®. We researched. We barely slept. We wanted to know what our clients truly need from our furniture. Through the years, our passion has led us to accept many prestigious awards. Modern Line has been showcased on many prominent television networks and leading expos. Modern Line Furniture® has demonstrated to the world that our customers are truly what it is all about; they are our success story. The quality and the dedication will always carry us forward to achieve even greater accomplishments. Today, Modern Line thrives with a simple motto, 'Modular Design. Infinite Possibilities'. We thank everyone for believing in us, for supporting us through the years. Let's continue to create the future of tomorrow, today!


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