Modern Line Furniture® adds ingredients for success

By Debbie Hall 

When people want to enjoy a night at a restaurant, bar, or lounge to sit down, their first visual
impression is their focal point. Guests will look around at their surroundings and before they

decide to go in and order food and beverages they will definitely look at the ambiance and decor.
This is where the décor of a restaurant comes into play, and Modern Line Furniture, a hospitality
and contract furniture manufacturer, can create the perfect furniture.


Customers view custom made table tops as well as chairs, and they must be appealing to grab the
customer’s attention. Laminate finish table tops feature unique characteristics in the unique look
of all kinds of wood tops. High- Pressure laminate is considered one of the most durable decorative
surface materials with functional performance properties, including wear, fire, and chemical

Modern Line Furniture presents high-pressure lamination that looks like real wood with natural
look, including elm, driftwood, and redwood. If colors need to pop as part of the décor, Modern
Line Furniture can design and manufacture the right fit that will dazzle and invite guests to come
in and dine. Logos and signatures can be included as well as any other designs.

The thickness of the top can range from 1 to 3 inches. Shapes and sizes can be determined to meet
the needs and add to the aesthetic appeal. Table tops can be developed as sets for 2 ,4, 6, 9 or 10
people dining arrangements.

The cushion of the chairs is also essential to entice customers to stay and order. For example, if
the table top is a shade of red, the upholstered cushion should complement the color. Since the
Modern Line Furniture manufacturing plant and factory is located in New Jersey, many details are
easy to manufacture in one week or less.

Furniture is an investment that will return revenue and savings for years. Those purchasing
furniture for their restaurant will be amazed by the array of colors and collages of beautiful
finishes Modern Line Furniture has to offer.

For fine dining establishments, customers’ eyes sparkle at the matching décor and will want to order
the more expensive meals to match the atmosphere. For family-style restaurants, guests will

appreciate the unique design and styles of table tops that are long lasting products for years to
come specially for high-traffic areas. The furnishings add to the mood for bars and lounges, and
more food and drinks will be ordered as they spend time dining in this environment. Patterns that
focus on a neutral palette along with colors to select. Chair cushions can be matched in color.

The same idea and design can be applied to the Wall Mounted Restaurant Table. No more wobbly legs,
but a sleek design that will give plenty of space in the restaurant as the tables simply connect
the wall and will provide more space. All the finishes include wood grain colors as well as cherry,
burgundy, mahogany, walnut and salvage planked elm, or Chesnutt driftwood effect. The wall table
thickness with laminate is 1 to 2 inches and can be customized to any thickness and size. All
tables are made with 1-inch high-quality industrial-grade plywood.

All table tops are created to meet the exact criteria and can be turned around in a short period of
time by being manufactured in a facility located in New Jersey.

The idea for today’s furnishings translates into a high-end restaurant, an upscale family dining
room, or a luxury bar. Laminate table tops dominate the market, and Modern Line Furniture offers
brands like WilsonArt and Formica well known in the USA and around the world.

Whether a high-end restaurant, a rooftop lounge, or a trendy bar, furniture with solid
functionality and color scheme can add to its success and revenue. Modern Line Furniture offers the
best American-made restaurant furniture available.

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Page 27 | Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue 2022