Modular Lounge Seating is one of the more recent additions to the restaurant furniture market that provides large furniture sets in manageable pieces. Our modular sofa pieces are easy to install and move around. If there is damage, they're also easier to repair as you are replacing one component instead of the entire product. Built to the most demanding specifications at Modern Line Furniture's New Jersey-based factory, our entire line is 100 percent American made.

We have more than 40 different styles of modular lounge seating to choose from, and each one of those is fully customizable by our skilled craftsmen. While we offer the highest quality of fabrics available, we also welcome our customers to supply their own. Al of our furniture is 100% customizable to exact requirements and specifications.

The idea behind modular seating is to provide optimum seating arrangement to best fit your space. Modular furniture allows you to hug walls, the corners or create a perfect seating right in the center, like waiting areas, front of house, law offices, public buildings and of course, nightclubs, lounges and casinos. Never compromise your available valuable space for ill-fitting furniture.

Our wide selection of modular lounge seating includes a double back model we call Orion. For those in need of corner seating, we offer several luxurious models such as Cecilio, Escape, Teramo, and Montego. We also have several S-shaped modular sofas such as the Concept-F, 9077, and the 900S.

If you're not sure whether your establishment's seating area can accommodate one of our modular lounge seats, there is no need to worry. Send us a floor plan, and we will deliver a complimentary 3D floor design that will fit our fully customizable furniture perfectly into your space. Contact us today!