Custom For Every Customer

Custom For Every Customer

Modern Line Furniture, a Leading US Manufacturer in the commercial and modular furniture

arenas, has been striving for optimal client satisfaction by providing custom fabrication at a
budget-friendly price for over a decade.

“Not only does our team of professionals work from the conception of your project through to
completion and beyond,” Modern Line CEO Vlad Spivak says “our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest, cutting
edge tools and techniques to help you achieve your desired look and feel.”

Perspective and return clients can even catch a glimpse of some of Modern Line’s ongoing
projects with their innovative LIVE From the Factory series - an online documentation of custom
furniture pieces currently in production. Whether it sparks an idea or inspires you to go in a
different direction with a custom piece, the visuals are there to aid in your decision making and
to showcase what Modern Line’s factory is capable of.

“These days, more and more clients are looking for specific products and sizes,” says Spivak.
“Every business requires something that must be designed and fabricated based on their
specifications… size, style, design, quality, etc. No matter how specific your requirements are,
Modern Line is the answer.”

Modern Line aims to make information on the custom process as accessible as possible. Along
with a detailed “Custom Made Furniture Information” tab on their website, the company also
provides a “Design & Furnish Request Form” right on its homepage. The form allows you to go
into specifics about your project or just a provide a preliminary idea.

“We plan, design, manufacture and deliver,” Spivak says. “Modern Line’s experts are their to
work with you through every stage of your project.”

For an inside look at LIVE From the Factory or follow along on Facebook: or Instagram: @modernlinefurniture