Performance Impreza Restaurant Indoor / Outdoor Round Table Tops


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Our furniture is designed and manufactured for use in high traffic public areas. Proudly handcrafted in New Jersey.

Caster Terrazzo - Sandstone Terrazzo finish;

Antibacterial surface Tremble Marble - Suede Marble finish;

Antibacterial surface Caldera Marble - Opal Marble finish; Antibacterial surface

Etna Marble - Cement Marble finish; Antibacterial surface

  • Exclusive stone-pattern material that is impart resistant, moisture resistant, sanitizable - suitable against all weather conditions.
  • “Cross-Linking Polymer Technology” providing weatherproofing shield to safeguard your exterior furniture against everyday weather variations and extreme climatic conditions.
  • Performance collection, suitable for all high traffic indoor and outdoor environments, especially in the restaurants and hospital industry.
  • A unique and advanced, high-density polyethylene building material that lasts a lifetime.
  • Outdoor performance & durability. Sustainability-conscious design.
  • Very low maintenance, will not rust, never needs painting. Will not delaminate, chip, rot or swell. No moisture absorption. Great impact and stiffness.
  • Table top thickness is 1/2 inch.