Exclusive Live Edge Maple Slab Restaurant Table Top on Custom Pipe Frame - Made in USA

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Our furniture is designed and manufactured for use in high traffic public areas.
  • Stand-up to the rigors of everyday commercial environment, hard maple wood is the natural choice. Its warmth, beauty and durability are timeless.
  • Each slab is unique with its live edge and wood characters. All pictures shown are for illustration only. We can create something as close to but never the exact as each slab is custom hand-made from unique piece(s) of maple wood.
  • The slab's live edge (bark) is covered in a thin layer of clear epoxy to smooth our the surface and provide the ultimate protection to preserve the bark's beauty.
  • We can customize table top to any thickness and size
  • Pipe frame creates a modern and industrial appeal - a guaranteed hit in your establishment
  • Pipe frame can be custom made to accommodate placement in booths, changed in diameter or to be created in a custom shape.
  • Designed and manufactured in house by Modern Line Furniture
  • Table top thickness 1.75"
  • Bring the premium look and feel to your restaurant or any other commercial establishment.
  • The table top is easily cleaned and maintained.
  • This product is made from highest quality kiln dried raw lumber which comes in various widths and lengths. The wood boards are hand selected for color and character and cut to length. The boards are then cut to length and laid out in order to create a one piece top. Next the wood are cut to width and straight edged to create superior glue joint. Again the boards are laid out to form a one piece top, and are checked for color, character and any defects. Next the boards are glued together using water resistant glue and are clamped. After the tops are glued they are staged for 24 hours for the glue to fully cure. Next, they are run through a planner to take them to the correct thickness, and then the tops go through a wide belt sander and are sanded on both top and bottom. Next the tops are trimmed to the correct size in width and length then and hand sanded to 150 grit with a random orbital sander. Finally the tops are inspected and prepared for finishing. The finishing is a three step process; first the tops are stained to the required color, next they are sprayed with a coat of sealer, then staged for 10 to 24 hours. After staging, the tops are sanded by hand to smooth out the sealer. Finally, they are sprayed with a conversion varnish, and then staged for 8 or more hours. Now the finishing is complete and the tops are ready for packaging to be shipped to our customers.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and certified testing of this product (PDF)