Custom VIP Bar Table With a Live Edge - Solid Wood - Table Top, Custom Front Panels, Two Shelves

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Our furniture is designed and manufactured for use in high traffic public areas.
  • Modular bar table with the versatility of our revolutionary custom bar design, simplicity and style walk hand in hand.
  • Perfect for any bar or nightclub venue, the modular bar will continue to excite consumers for years to come.
  • The interchangeable front panels can be changed between frosted glass, acrylic or optional colored high-performance quality vinyl panels. Optional Acrylic Panel is 5/16 inches thick. Acrylic's high impact strength offers a safe, shatter-resistant alternative to glass. It's a great material and only a fraction of the weight of comparable glass.
  • Stand-up to the rigors of everyday commercial environment, hard maple wood is the natural choice. Its warmth, beauty and durability are timeless.
  • Each slab is unique with its live edge and wood characters. All pictures shown are for illustration only. We can create something as close to but never the exact as each slab is custom hand-made from unique piece(s) of maple wood.
  • The slab's live edge (bark) is covered in a thin layer of clear epoxy to smooth our the surface and provide the ultimate protection to preserve the bark's beauty.
  • Table top thickness 1.75"
  • The table top is easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Solid metal base with chrome plated base.
  • Convenient two shelves at rear of the unit.
  • Extension Dimensions: L 47" | W 27.5" | H 39.5"
  • Corner Dimensions: L 27.5" | W 27.5" | H 39.5"

3D Modular: 9090