Arctic Black Vinyl - Leather Pattern - Flame Resistant Material - (50K Double Rubs)


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Our furniture is designed and manufactured for use in high traffic public areas. Proudly handcrafted in New Jersey.

General Specifications

Abrasion Resistance exceeds 50,000 Double Rub

This product is available in commercial-grade Black vinyl with abrasive resistance of 50,000 double rubs. The upholstery withstands the everyday rigors of lounges and clubs.

Flame-Resistant upholstery is made from material that is inherently resistant to flames and embers to provide an ultimate peace of mind knowing that the materials used will perform well during flammable intrusions such as cigarettes, cigars and hookah coal embers.

All upholstery is CAL 117 certified and designed specifically for applications such us hospitality, contract, health care and education


Hospitality, Contract, Marine, Healthcare, Special & Industrial

Flammability Requirements*

California Fire Code Technical Bulletin No 117, Section E

Reduced Environmental Impact

Phthalate Free
Lead Free
BPA Free / TRIS Free / Formaldehyde Free

Cleaning Instructions

Prompt cleaning is always recommended.
Ordinary dirt and stains can be removed with mild soap and water
Rinse the cleaned area with clean water and dry with a lint free cloth.

Disclaimer: Leather, vinyl and fabrics may vary slightly in hue due to slight variations from the manufacturer. Our samples serve as a guide only and should not be taken as representing the exact traits or hue as your finished piece of furniture. Color representations on computer terminals and screens can be different based on settings and various display technologies.