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Event Furniture
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Event Furniture

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Modern Line Furniture is a leading Event Industry Furniture Manufacturer.
We are proud of our American High Quality Craftsmanship with Nationwide Quick Shipment.

Modern Line Furniture is the leading event furniture supplier to the event industry with highest quality US Standard products which provide durability, function and modern designs. Modern Line Furniture event modular sofas create the perfect atmosphere for your patrons. It is important to create unique custom seatingenvironment that sets you apart from the rest. Comfort of the modern furniture provide an unforgettable experience which results in repeat business. Make your event feel like a futuristic environment serving luxurious stay filled with food and drinks of tomorrow. Modern Line proudly exhibits at the America's most prestigious trade shows such Hi CONNECT Design of The Hospitality Industry Network, Nightclub and Bar Show, NRA Show and so many  more  View all tradeshows.

We understand the Event Industry! We have supplied hundreds of event businesses in their great endeavors. Modern furniture allows you to easily put together a unified aesthetic, and achieving that warm and comfortable vibe is entirely possible without breaking the bank.

Designer Jigs Adefuin told BusinessMirror that one of the best ways to draw your guests’ attention right away is to make an accent wall. When we enter a room with uniform wall colors, it can be hard for us to find a point of reference that illustrates directly where we are. We pay attention to incongruities in our environments, which is why accent walls can have such an impact on guests and family members. Adefuin recommends an accent wall in a color that is less subdued than that of the surrounding walls (red is a common choice), to make an instantaneous imprint. Adefuin says that because guests will be naturally drawn to this place, you should consider showcasing your favorite paintings and decor items nearby.

Rugs help to define areas and create more cozy environments for socializing and lounging, according to Adefuin. They anchor a room’s disparate parts and allow for a more economical view of the space, diving those areas with lounge furniture from those with dining furniture to make separate locations from a single room, for example.

Modern furniture can help spaces to feel and act more put-together, and modular furniture pieces are a great way to create a room that can be easily rearranged for guests or special events. According to HGTV designer Karen McAloon, modular pieces create multi-purpose spaces and, like rugs, can help divide different locations that are used for different activities.

Contemporary color themes tend to be simple, generally including several neutrals and one engaging color to spark the eye’s interest. For one of her own modern living room designs, McAloon used a color theme of tan, orange and red, choosing tan for the walls and modern sofas and creating a scale of reds in smaller furniture pieces. With a single red rug and a red painting on the wall, the space is a good example of how homeowners can plan rooms with just a few colors to make for a great impression that doesn’t overload the viewer.

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