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Dining Tables & Chairs
Dining Table Set - Model 85DT Dining Table Set - Model 89DT Dining Table - Model 8000
Dining Table Set - Model Linda Dining Table Set - Model 380DT
Dining Table - Model 1071DT
Dining Table - Model 1087DT Dining Table Set - Model DIANA-51 Dining Table - Model 88DT
Dining Table Set - Model DIANA-71 Dining Table Set - Model C70 Dining Table Set - Model C70 Round
Dining Chair - Model A08DC Dining Table - Model C75-70 Dining Table - Model C75-84
Dining Chair - Model F73 Dining Table Set - Model 84DT Dining Table Set - Model 84 Round DT
Dining Chair - Model 942 Dining Chair - Model DC-79 Dining Chair - Model DC-1058
Dining Chair - Model CY318 Dining Chair - Model DC-124
Dining Chair - Model 176 Dining Chair - Model CM35 Dining Chair - Model Odessa
Dining Chair - Model 115DC Dining Chair - Model DEVI Dining Chair - Model MIKA
Dining Chair - Model DIANA-DC Dining Chair - Model CASPER Dining Chair - Model FEDERICO
Dining Chair - Model BOLIVAR Dining Chair - Model Louis Dining Chair - Model OSCAR
Dining Chair - Model Milana Modern Chair - Model Cubao Modern Chair - Model CK65
Modern Chair - Model Teddy Modern Chair - Model Chica Modern Chair - Model Jeston
Modern Chair - Model Shelton Dining Chair - Model Harvey

Dining Set - Model Diana 51''

Dining Set - Model Diana 71''

Dining Set: Model D88DT

Dining Set: Model 89DT

Dining Set: Model 85DT

Dining Chair : Xavier

Dining Chair : Model 218

Model 120DC

Model 152DC

Model 155DC

Model 6601DT

Model 9002DT

Model 4390DT

Model 1071

Model 1086 & Model 1087

Model 1058

Model 716

Model 646

Restaurant Chair - Model 1058

Dining Sets: Model 380DT

Dining Sets: Model 380DT

Model 6948DT

Modern Line Furniture is excited to present new dining items featured in our collection. A mixture of modular design and futuristic style, these items are rich in function and flair. Fit with rectangular or oval-shaped tops, these new tables come with a selection of bases, colors, and materials. A variety of combinations can be made for the ultimate dining experience with our moon, rectangular, long, or short dining tables available in black, walnut, and white wood or frosted, clear, and black glass. Our colorful new collection of chairs compliments these tables and is there to spice up any room with a fresh twist on design. With a choice among styles varying from silver to wood framing, these custom chairs will suit all of your seating needs.

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